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The Man and His Art

This website is devoted to the work of the artist, Nicholas Peter Scalise (1932-2009)


Nicholas Scalise was a celebrated fine artist.

His career spanned over fifty years during which time he received over two hundred regional and national awards and had more than thirty solo exhibits at galleries and museums across the United States. He received his art education at Horace C. Wilcox Technical School, Meriden, Connecticut and the Paier School of Art in New Haven, Connecticut (1956-1959) from which he graduated with honors.


Exhibits Completed


Awards Earned

Woman on Porch, Antibes, France, Watercolor

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The Brushstrokes That Shaped My Life

The Brushstrokes that Shaped My Life

A book written by the artist’s daughter, Rosann Scalise.

“What I am after in my work is a combination of abstract and realism. I try to incorporate those two qualities into each of my paintings. The combination is vital to me. Too much emphasis in either direction will destroy the balance. It’s a very fine line.”

Nicholas Scalise