Nicholas Scalise

Grocery Cart in Stream

We live in a throwaway society.


Why in a swirling, blue river would someone throw a worn-down, yet perhaps still functional, metal grocery cart?

Maybe it was an accident; the wind pushed it along to the bank of the river one day. There the cart sat, precariously unbalanced, till a final swoosh of air set the wheels in motion for a tumble, down, down, down.

Someone may have wanted to retrieve the cart, evidenced by the long tree branch that extends over the river.

No one can know its story.

The undeniable reality is that we have a tendency to thoughtlessly dispense of gadgets, tools, equipment, all sorts of things, whenever and wherever we see fit, often regardless of their viability.


This is not just true of inanimate objects, but quite often, crosses over to live sentient beings.

I wonder, when shall we realize that this “care-less” approach lays the seeds of our own demise?


 Rosann Scalise