Nicholas Scalise

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Art school is where I came to know Nick. He was an advanced student, and I was a first year art student. Over time I learned he was the best student in the school.


When my instructor wasn’t available I would seek out Nick for help. Nick was a born teacher and was always happy to help us beginners. Over time we discovered how much we had in common. This was the beginning of our life long friendship.


After graduation, we went our separate ways. Nick joined the Famous Artists School in Westport, CT. I worked for American Chain and Cable Company, Bridgeport, CT in the advertising department.


About a year later Nick called me about a job opening at the Famous Artists School for art instructors. At first I didn’t think I was qualified but Nick thought differently and got me to go for an interview. Thanks to Nick it was the best decision I ever made. Teaching by correspondence wasn’t easy, but Nick was always there to help me over the rough spots. We worked together for another 10 years.


Nick was planning someday to leave F.A.S. and devote full time to his (love) painting. He started on his dream by working only four days a week. I had similar ideas, but Nick’s courage made me think about it more seriously and years later I went to a four day work week. Over time I followed Nick and we both left FAS and became self-employed artists.


We visited each other’s studio often. I loved to bring my latest paintings for the “Master” to critique. He was always giving me new insights to picture making. I will always remember the day his critique about my latest work. He liked them very much and couldn’t find anything constructive to say but to congratulate me with a big smile and a slap on the back. I felt we were now equals.


I always thought of Nick being another Leonardo da Vinci, but I still give Nick’s work the edge.


Thanks again for all your help and friendship. I couldn’t have done it without you.


Frank Bly


Hardwick, MA