Nicholas Scalise


Grocery Cart in Stream
Boy on Porch Steps
Maple Sap Buckets
John Shoemaker (in doorway)
Young Mexican Girl in the Yellow Dress
Fisherwoman Vendor, Monto Rosso, Italy
Fisherwoman Vendor, Monto Rosso, Italy
Fucci's Barbershop
Two apples on the ledge
Heating and Cooling vents on rooftop with seagull
Woman Sweeping
The woman in the red coat
African-American man sitting on park bench
A summer day in Rockport, MA
John the Shoemaker
A Summer Day at the Beach
Man relaxing in sun
Vicky on stairway
Snowy winter night
Open spaces
Math formulas on the school room blackboard
Mama in the kitchen
Windowed doorway, Majorca, Spain
Study - girls and boys dressed in white, Sunday after church
Head of Christ
Standard Bearer, Daffodil Festival
The Graduation Gown
Blouses Hanging on Ancient Wall
Rosina: Artist's Mother
Lady on Porch
Peaceful Village
St. Rose Meriden in Winter
Rosann at the Piano
Rosann Reading
Lisa in Hubbard Park
Open Spaces
St. Rose Meriden in Fall